Top 20 best James Bond gadgets ever!

[tps_header]From the first blockbuster Dr. No to the latest box office hit Skyfall, Bond movies continue to cast an impression of amazement to us. Apart from the new Bond faces, exotic cars and Bond girls, there’s one more thing that is considered the highlight of James Bond franchise— the”-gadgets-“. Nothing is impossible for Q department to make! From the self destructor bag to the dagger shoe, roller submariner to underwater camera, his gadgets have continued to impress us for the past 5 decades. Below is the list of Bond’s famous gadgets that will leave you in awe![/tps_header]

1. Watches – Watch out for that! :

file 173351 1 live and let die watch Top 20 best James Bond gadgets ever! We use watches to see time but in James Bond franchise, watches are equipped with almost everything that you would have never ever imagined to see in a watch! From laser cutting tool to rotating saw, digital receiver to detachable explosive and what not, this gadget has helped Bond in escaping numerous times. So, next time you complain about your watch, consider watching Bond franchise!