These Foods Contain What??? That’s It, I’m Never Eating Again



No matter how much you want to eat an all-natural, organic lifestyle, sometimes the stress of life just makes you want some greasy, sugary processed food. That’s fine once in while, but our culture takes it a bit too far sometimes (“Mountain Dew Cheetos,” anyone?). The cost of easy, feel-good foods is higher than you think.

Processed food items made on a huge scale are full of icky, damaging chemicals, preservatives, and ingredients that can do a number on our general health. Once in a while you can get away with it, but if you’re go-to snack is full of chemicals you’re going to have to pay for it at some point.

Here are some common (and majorly gross) ingredients that are popular in your favorite processed snacks.



1.) High-fructose corn syrup: it tastes as good as sugar, it’s super cheap, and you can find it in almost anything. Take a gander at your favorite sweet treat, like cereal, soda, or ice cream, and you’re sure to see it on the ingredient list. The companies say it’s no more harmful than regular sugar, but leading researchers claim otherwise.

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