These 8 Unsolved Mysteries Of 2014 Will Baffle You



We learned a whole lot in 2014. Like, landing spaceships on comets and why Republicans win mid-term elections. We also didn’t learn a lot of things, and were left baffled by mysteries that have yet to be solved. Maybe 2015 will be the year we figure out exactly what the heck was happening in 2014 (although it’s kinda fun being curious, too!). Here were the 8 biggest mysteries of the year.

1.) The Obama Look-Alike on Mars


2.) The UFO Hovering Around Lady Liberty

3.) Pascualita, The Corpse Bride of Mexico.



4.) Portuguese Angel Hair.


5.) The Sea Serpent in New Zealand.


6.) Bigfoot!


7.) Where Did Water Come From?

8.) Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

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