These 8 Amazingly Strange Buildings Have Even More Incredible Stories Behind Them

Some say that the golden age of architecture as an art form have come to a close; with the rush of suburbia, houses are generally built to look the same from neighborhood to neighborhood. Mansions and modest two-bedrooms alike have conformed to their own standards of how a house is "supposed" to look. The same goes for office buildings and municipal buildings.

Whether or not architecture will return as a major art form is debatable; what's not so debatable is that it was, at one time, definitely an art. Let these 8 fantastically designed and constructed buildings prove it to you.

2.) The Living Bridges of Cherrapunji

Found in the eastern village of Cherrapunji, India, the living bridges come in handy with the region’s over 400 inches of rain on an annual basis. The War-Khasis tribe discovered this arboreal solution when they created root-guiding systems for the multi-root Ficus elastica found around the country.
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