These 14 Snow Sculptures Give You Something To Look Forward To This Season



For those of us confined to the Northern states, winter means snow: and lots of it. So what’s a guy or gal to do when the white stuff starts flying? Build a snowman, of course! But the art of building a snowman is just that: an art. And some people really take it to some extremes! Snow sculptures are like the X Games of snowmen-building, and these guys mean business when they start sculpting. The fact that the art is fleeting, to be erased by the first sunny days, makes it all the more special.


1.) Stitch


2.) Cowboy



3.) Snoopy


4.) R2-D2



5.) Darth Vader


6.) The Homes of Bikini Bottom



7.) Walrus

8.) Train


9.) Mario


10.) Leopard


11.) AT-AT


12.) The Avengers


13.) Two Feet of Snow


14.) A Pirate Skull

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