The Kindness These 53 Animals Showed Each Other Will Make You Cry In Public. #32 is the Cutest!


Humans think they’ve got the market cornered on most of the good emotions and characteristics: sympathy, joy, compassion, kindness. But believe it or not, our feathered and furred friends are just about bursting with the stuff.

Animals are happy as can be paying it forward to their buddies and family; even if they’re not the same species!

Here are 53 animals who prove that kindness isn’t just for humans. (Seriously, Don’t miss no. 32th!)

1.) Tan, a dog from Thailand, made best friends with a macaque he lost his mother.

After his mother was killed by a hunter, a 3-month-old macaque monkey was taken in to a Buddhist Temple in Thailand, where he was adopted by the temple dog, Tan.

Tan looks after the orphaned monkey and even shares his food. Totally adorable!

Next Page shows how a turtle admirably helped his friend get on his feet. (Don’t miss no. 32th!)

Don’t miss it.

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