Scientists Discovered These 17 Species Existed In 2014 And…Wow



How’s this for mind-blowing: not only are there more species on earth that we have yet to discover, but there are thousands and thousands of such unique creatures just waiting for mankind to stumble upon. From the tiniest bugs to newly discovered mammals, we learned a lot about the animal world in 2014. These 17 are the coolest of them all!


1.) Tree-Living Olinguito


2.) Skeleton Shrimp – Liropus Minusculus


3.) Amoeboid Protist – Spiculosiphon Oceana


4.) Transparent Snail – Zospeum Tholussum


5.) Tinkerbell Fairyfly – Tinkerbella Nana


6.) Isabel’s Saki


7.) A Subspecies or an Entirely New Species: Bryde’s Whales



8.) Dendrogramma Enigmatical


9.) Bird-Turd Spider – Calaenea


10.) A Yet-To-Be-Named Fluff Ball

11.) Urban Golden-Backed Frog – Hylarana urbis

12.) Turkish Trout – Salmo Kottelati


13.) Star-Gazing Shrimp – Mysidopsis Zsilaveczi


14.) Nocturnal Gecko – Paroedura Hordiesi


15.) Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog – Rana Kauffeldi


16.) Jumping Spider – Stenaelurillus


17.) Araguaian Boto River Dolphin – Inia Araguaiaensis

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