Most People Don’t Realize These 16 Completely Shocking Things About North Korea

[tps_header]North Korea has been in the news – again – recently as the target of the Seth Rogan-James Franco movie The Interview. The movie was pulled from theaters when unknown hackers threatened bombing theaters that would be showing it, which caused the studio and many theaters to think twice about releasing or showing it.

There’s some evidence of North Korea being behind the hacking, though it’s not clear cut. But North Korea would certainly love to see The Interview burned: it shows the country and its leader in what could be called a very unappealing light, including a graphic scene where Rogen and Franco blow up leader Kim Jong-un’s head.

Whether or not North Korea is, indeed, behind the cyber attacks, it’s certainly an interesting place, and one that many people don’t know much about. Here are 16 amazing facts about life in North Korea.[/tps_header]

1.) North Korean archaeologists claim to have discovered the home and resting place of a legendary Korean unicorn, once the companion and steed of a 2,000 year old king.

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