Here Are 23 Freaky Creatures You Could Find Hiding In The Corners Of Your House


Are you afraid of clowns? What about heights? Maybe public speaking? Do ghosts give you the willies, or mice? What about…insects? Being grossed out and frightened by creepy-crawly bugs is one of the most common things people share. Unfortunately for us, bugs are everywhere – literally, there are bugs on every continent, and there are about 200 million bugs for every single human being. We’re outnumbered 200 million to 1, guys: if the bugs decide to gang up on us, it’s over. So it’s best to make your peace with bugs and try not to scream and squish every single one you see. But definitely squish these guys if you ever see them (if you even CAN squish them!) – I’m pretty sure these are all sent straight from hell.


1.) Milkweed Grasshopper

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