Here Are 10 Epic Drinks Your Science Teacher Should’ve Taught You How To Make

Are you a gin and tonic kind of gal? Or maybe  rum and coke lovin' dude? Most people have their favorite cocktails that they enjoy after work or on the weekends -- or maybe you're a bit adventurous and like to try new things, not stay with the same old comfort drinks again and a again.

That's where molecular mixology comes in! With molecular mixology you can drink a drink, or smell a drink, or infuse a drink, or even vaporize a drink for a cool new way to get your buzz on. They're beautiful and weird, and they taste pretty good, too. It's a whole new way to explore flavor and taste, with crazy variations on old favorites as well as brand-new cocktails appearing everyday. And they're pretty fun to make, too! Here are nine chemistry-inspired cocktails to try at your next party.

2.) La Llorona Martini

Named after a Hispanic American folklore legend, this martini features Pisco Brandy, lemon and lime juice, and dry ice. Get all the details here.
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