The 7 Most Fascinating And True Cases Of People Faking Their Deaths


It’s nice to think that someday, if we wanted to, we could quit our job, pack up our stuff, move someplace totally new, and just start over: a clean slate, a fresh start.

But most of us would be happy to just make a change or two in our lives – move to a new city, get a new job – if we’re really feeling some major ennui. For other people, though, that’s just not enough. They don’t just want to start over; they want a whole new life! Here are some people who took the extreme route and faked their own deaths.

1. John Stonehouse.

John Stonehouse was a British politician who decided to fake his own death after some bad finance decisions got him in trouble. He threw some old clothes in the ocean and the British government presumed he had drowned. He was discovered in Australia months later when a banker noticed he was moving money around with two different names. Originally, the British police thought John was another man who faked his death around the same time to dodge jail time for a murder.
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