Before You Throw Out Old Clothes and Jewelry, Read These 10 Upcycling Tutorials


Hold up! Before you throw that out, why not see if you can upcycle it? What’s upcycling, you ask? It’s a way to take discarded, unwanted items and re-tool them so that they’re new, beautiful, usable goods. From jewelry to clothes to home decor, upcycling is a great way to save money, help the environment, reduce waste, and let your creativity flow. Here are 10 great tutorials on how to turn your trash into treasure – make yourself a little something, or sell your goods for 100% profit!

1.) A dead lightbulb can become a beautiful necklace.

Read the whole tutorial on Stuff Steph Does.

2.) Arizona green tea cans make this necklace charming!

Check out the instructions at Crafting a Green World.

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