8 Animal Things That Seem Eerily Human. #4 Can’t Be Real!


Humans like to think they’re nothing like the rest of the animals we share the world with. After all, a dog can’t use an iPod, and a chimp can’t write a poem, right? So humans must be special!

Maybe not so much, though. Lots of animals share some things that we usually reserve just for people, and they’re a lot more like us than we think! Animals do a lot of the things we do, including gossiping. Not so different, after all!


1.) Moths like to talk dirty to each other.

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Moths originally evolved a set of ears in order to hear bats approaching. But over time, they developed several sneaky features. One is to actually create the sound of an approaching bat in order to have a female moth freeze. Another is for species of moths to communicate their sexual desires to each other in an ultrasonic (quiet) fashion.