5 Simple Tricks You Can Use Today To Make Your Life Much Easier



Want to make your day-to-day a little simpler, a little quicker, and a little easier? Sure you do; everyone does! We can all use a little extra help to make our days run smoothly – and that’s why we love life hacks!

YouTube user DaveHax is a master of the hack and shares his solutions to everyday problems with the world – you’re doing a great service, my good sir! It’s amazing what people can do when they give a problem a little thought; here are five hacks that will make your life SO much easier.

1. Always run out of space while packing? Here’s a great, simple space-saving way to pack your clothes. First, put your underwear on your shirt and then fold the sides of the t-shirt over.

Place your socks horizontally across your folded t-shirt, and start rolling the t-shirt over the socks.

Bundle the whole thing up in the open ends of the socks!


2. Foggy car windows? Not anymore!


Fill a sock with cat litter, then put that sock into another sock and tie it up.


The kitty litter will absorb any moisture, so no foggy windows!


3. Cut a bunch of cherry tomatoes at once: place them between two plates, with a little room between the plates.

Run a knife between the space, through the tomatoes.




4. Yuck, this soda is warm!


Mix up lots of ice, some salt, and water in a bowl. The salt will make the mixture colder. Place your can of soda in the bowl for a minute or so.


And now your soda is cooled and ready to drink!

5.) Got a tricky burner on your stove that won’t light?

Don’t bother with matches or lighters – instead, reach for some spaghetti!

Light the spaghetti on one burner, turn on the non-functioning one, and light it with the burning spaghetti.

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