20 Weird Things You Can Only Get At a Chinese Walmart


Near. Far. Wherever you are. You know there’s a Walmart nearby. Whatever you need, they’ve got it, for less than competitors. Walmart is so big and pervasive they’ve even made their way into the Asian market, something few similar companies can boast. The best part of having Walmarts in China? Getting to see what sort of oddities live on the shelves! Here are 20 of the weirdest and most bizarre items you can pick up if you’re browsing the aisles at a Chinese Walmart:

1. Live Fish – But Not the Kind You Think

20 items you can only discover in a chinese walmart 9 20 Weird Things You Can Only Get At a Chinese Walmart
Your local Walmart might offer goldfish or angel fish for sale, or at least an aquarium or two, and they’ll probably have fishing rods if you want to catch your own. But does it have its own fish market? Whether you’ve got a hankering for eel or tuna, you can pick the liveliest in the tank for your dinner.

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