20 Messed Up and Evil Serial Killers of All Time


[tps_header]Serial Killers are viewed as a threat because of how evil, disturbed, and crazy their actions are towards other individuals or animals. Although seen as wicked, we are always drawn and fascinated by how these individuals operate. We want to know their stories and how do these horrid individuals operate. What makes a serial killer slay and what motivates them to catch and kill a prey? To satisfy your interest in these villains, here are 20 of the most notorious serial killers of all time.[/tps_header]




1. Donald Henry Gaskins

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In the year 1969, Gaskins began picking up hitchhikers around the southern coastal highways of America. The reason why he is picking up these unaware travelers is that he is into torturing, mutilating, and eventually killing them. When Gaskins was captured because a criminal associate saw him killing two men, Gaskins confessed that he had killed 80 to 90 people. The court convicted him with murder and was then sentenced to death, but then due to some reasons, it was changed into life imprisonment without parole. In a morbid remarkable way, although Gaskins was already inside a high-security prison, he was still able to kill his fellow inmate. Gaskins was the only known inmate in death row who was able to kill an inmate.