20 Awesome People And Their Real Superpowers!

[tps_header]People with superpowers are not entirely fictional. They exist! They actually do. Sure, they may not be all laser-shoots-from-eyes heroes because that’s just way too exaggerated, but they’re more leaning on the further realistic side; I am talking about the superpowers that can be explained by science or theories. Okay, maybe some of them aren’t that explainable, but it’s more believable than lasers. So yeah, here are 20 incredible superhuman powers that will leave you jealous or thankful that you don’t have them. Not all superpowers are cool you know.[/tps_header]


1. Kevin Richardson and his ability to “understand animals”

58 Kevin Richardson next to a jaguar 610x406 20 Awesome People And Their Real Superpowers!

This man’s past life must be of a wild feline because he’s so good at befriending untamed and probably rabidly hungry lions, cheetahs, and hyenas in the wild. Kevin was once filmed and amazingly, he wasn’t eaten raw, Rather, things got all so cuddly and nice when Kevin started playing, walking, and even sleeping with the wild animals. How cool is that?!