2 Hacks For Taking Breathtaking Pictures and Videos With Your Smartphone



Smartphone cameras are evolving rapidly; they can give the opportunity to take amazing photos without needing to know a lick about photography. But they can also sometimes leave you a little disappointed in the result: your hands shake, there’s not enough light, or something else gets in the way of your perfect Kodak moment. You can pay money for anti-shake apps and gadgets, but why spend money when you can hack your way to getting better photos? Here are two great tips to improve your smartphone camera skills for free!


1. Your hands shake while trying to hold your smartphone up to take a video; plus, walking around trying to get a good view of the action could leave your video looking jittery and shaky. This video will show you how to avoid that by making your own stabilizer rig with LED lights that can also give you more light if you’re shooting in the dark.

2. Use a DIY, homemade macro lens to take professional-looking photos with your smartphone camera. All you need is an old camera, some cardboard, and some sticky tack.





 3. Two binder clips make for a thrifty tripod! 


 4. Use an egg timer for a 360-degree, time-lapse photo.

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