18 Animals Who Can’t Wait For 2014 To Be Over Already



Whether you had a great year, a so-so year, or a pretty bad year, chances are someone out there had it worse than you and were way happy to kiss 2014 goodbye. Whether it’s the coming of the winter cold or a year full of mishaps and mistakes (that selfie you shouldn’t have posted keeps coming back to haunt you, doesn’t it?), some people are all too ready for 2015 to start.

And some animals are ready, too. As you can see from these 18 case studies in animals who are just so ready for 2014 to be over, it was a hard year for pets from coast to coast.


1.) “I regret everything.”


2.) “I’d like to see how YOU react to someone trying to pick you up all the time!”


3.) “If you’re not supposed to eat bees, why do they sound so delicious?”



5.) “Do you want crap on your car? Because this is how you get crap on your car, John!”


6.) “Please, tell me more about how you don’t like it when I wake you up in the morning, it’s so interesting.”


7.) D.O.N.E.

8.) “Keep laughing, human. Keep laughing.”


9.) “I’m NOT teeny-tiny!”


10.) “No one here gets me.”


11.) “What’d you say about my chest, dude? Sure it’s blue but do you even see these pecs?”


12.) “For the last time, no, I don’t know who’s a good dog. Can you just tell me already?”


13.) “Stop telling me Game of Thrones spoilers!”


14.) “I’m the king of the night. Stop petting me!”


15.) So did you see the Kardashian pics?


16.) “Oh my god. I can’t even with this moron.”


17.) “You keep calling this your drawer. Why do you keep saying it’s yours?”


18.) “Have kittens, they said. It’ll be amazing, they said.”


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