10 Flowers That You Won’t Believe Exist

Some flowers are famous for their beautiful appearance. Some are famous for their beautiful fragrance. Some are famous for their homeopathic properties. You probably have your own personal favorites, from the puffball hydrangea to the delicate lily of the valley. But get a load of these ten bizarre flowers from across the globe, sure to blow all that baby's breath and lilac out of the water!

3. Zingiber Spectabile

15 most bizarre flowers from around the world 14 10 Flowers That You Wont Believe Exist
Perhaps this flower’s unique shape is a ploy to attract pollinating bees; you certainly could have fooled us! The Beehive Ginger might look a bit like a pinecone, but it’s a part of the ginger family and can be found in Southeast Asia. Not just wide, they’re also very tall, growing up to six feet and displaying small white flowers when in full bloom.

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