10 Flowers That You Won’t Believe Exist

Some flowers are famous for their beautiful appearance. Some are famous for their beautiful fragrance. Some are famous for their homeopathic properties. You probably have your own personal favorites, from the puffball hydrangea to the delicate lily of the valley. But get a load of these ten bizarre flowers from across the globe, sure to blow all that baby's breath and lilac out of the water!

2. Stapelia Grandiflora

15 most bizarre flowers from around the world 8 10 Flowers That You Wont Believe Exist
The Star Flower surely won’t win any awards for beauty, with its wrinkly, leathery, hairy appearance and mauve-ish color. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t win any awards for its fragrance, either. Much like the famous Corpse Flower, the Star Flower emits a scent similar to rotting flesh – best to keep this unique bloom out of the house!

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