These 21 Animals Are Doing A Better Job Staying Warm Than You In Winter

Last winter was a toughie, that’s for sure: here’s hoping that this winter spares us the ice and wind for a change. Us Northerners scoff at Florida’s 50-degree “winters” – try -17 with a wind chill factor! That doesn’t mean we’re not still blindsided by the weather every year, though.

And it’s not just humans who suffer in the bleak midwinter: our furry friends have to bundle up against the cold, too! Even with all that fur, our pets sometimes need a little help staying warm outside. Here are some pets who have it made during the winter, thanks to their loving (and crafty!) owners: take a gander than cuddle your little fella by the fire and be thankful for indoor heating!


1.) Booties are quite a fashion statement, don’t ya think?

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