20 Advantageous Stuff About Being A Lefty

Left-Handed people were once being treated like they’re weirdos; the past can totally prove that. Luckily today, views towards southpaws are leaning more on the bright side. Lefties today are lucky because they won’t have to face insults and are now considered to be cool actually. I don’t get it why lefties were once seen as negative; In fact, there are a lot of advantages when you’re one. If you’re a lefty, read this beneficial list that would certainly make you feel good.    


2. Better sports players

Marcus Thames Tigers 2007 610x405 20 Advantageous Stuff About Being A Lefty

In sports as diverse as boxing, tennis, and baseball, left-handed people perform better than their right-handed counterparts. It’s not entirely known why, but it could be due to other players having less practice dealing with their moves.


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